Christmas Break

Wishing everyone a very merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!

We’ll be taking a short break from our training schedule with our last one for the year being Thursday 19 December. Look forward to seeing you all on the water in 2014 when we’re back at it on Tuesday 7th January!


OC6 Series Race 2

Race 2 of the OC6 series will be held at Redcliffe.


2012 saw very trying conditions in the 14km long course race and it proved to be very challenging for all crews. This year, with quite a few new paddlers in the mix we’re hoping the weather gods will be on our side! :-)


To view the race program please click here:

Come Try Outrigging!

If you have never paddled before and wish to give it a go or are a paddler who hasn’t been in a boat for a long time, then these are the sessions for you!

Look forward to seeing you soon!


Click here to view our flyer: Come & Try Outrigging

Burleigh Crew

Burleigh Crew

The gang!


Our Club races in all age group categories from Opens, Masters, Senior Masters and Golden Masters.

If you wish to join the Gang, Come down and have a paddle!



Blessing the outriggers

The canoes are seen by traditional outrigger canoeists to be living, breathing creatures, and thus must be respected.

In Burleigh Point OCC, we believe in treating our canoes with respect and regarding them as fellow members of our club by:

  • not swearing in the canoe and never arguing with another in the canoe. If you have a disagreement, take it up once you are back on shore
  • not standing up in the canoe or stepping over the canoe
  • only entering the canoe from the ama side
  • always pointing the canoe towards the ocean when on land
  • always take the best possible care of each canoe before, during and after each paddling session, by never dragging our canoes up or down the beach, always placing the va’a (Tahitian for canoe) on transporting trolleys
  • welcoming new canoes to our club in a Blessing Ceremony, which follows Polynesian guidelines.